About Embrace Acupuncture

At Embrace Acupuncture, a little sanctuary is provided for you, a place of relaxation tucked away off the busy roads of Northcote and away from the busy-ness of your world. It’s a place for you to stop, unwind and know your health is being taken care of.

We believe that optimal menstrual health & fertility comes from optimal health.
At Embrace Acupuncture we work with your existing health practitioners, incorporating information from testing and scans into our Acupuncture and herbal treatment plan for a holistic integrative approach. We talk you through each step so you’re always informed.

Whether you are wanting to have a baby or just wanting to address your period concerns, we believe women deserve to feel good at all times of the month.

About Dr Danielle Maguire

Danielle Maguire - DSCF14112.jpg

Dr Danielle Maguire (TCM) is a highly skilled Chinese Medicine Practitioner with post graduate training in natural fertility support. She has degrees in both Human Biology & Chinese Medicine and has interned in a Chinese Medicine integrative hospital in Nanjing, China.
Danielle is a registered practitioner with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency).

Danielle’s passion is educating, treating and empowering women to make the changes they need to look after their minds & bodies and feel their very best!
She has a special interest in Women’s health, Fertility, IVF support, Pregnancy and Stress & Anxiety and incorporates individualised diet and lifestyle advice with Acupuncture, supplements and Herbal Medicine to provide a personalised healthcare treatment.

Danielle’s warm and gentle approach in her practice will leave even the most concerned patients at ease.

On a personal note, Danielle enjoys food and laughter with friends, growing her balcony garden and exploring the city by bike.


What to Expect

At Embrace Acupuncture, its about so much more than reducing your symptoms… It’s about finding the reason why they occurred and working to treat both symptoms and the cause for longer lasting relief.

To do this we take an integrative, whole-person approach finding out exactly where your health is at.

After chatting with you briefly and booking in an appointment, a comprehensive intake form will be emailed to you. We appreciate the forms completed two days before your first appointment to allow us time to read and have a good understanding of your overall health. We also ask you attach or bring in any relevant blood tests or scans for a more comprehensive understanding. of your current health needs.

In your appointment your immediate health concerns will be discussed, blood tests and scans reviewed as well as your overall health discussed. We also look at your tongue and feel your pulses to help ascertain where your body is at and which Chinese Medicine 'pattern' you are presenting with. After reviewing your unique information and needs we discuss with you the recommended treatment strategy including if herbs or supplements are needed. From then its time to lay back and enjoy the beautiful, relaxing treatment that is Acupuncture!